Multiple Financing/Leasing Options

How Can We Help You?

Apply for Financing/Leasing online or in-store


  • Approvals up to $4000.
  • No credit needed.
  • 90-day early purchase option with a $10.00 purchase option.
  • Second early purchase option (EPO) for customers who purchase after the 90-day EPO expiration date.
  • Terms up to 12, 18 & 24 months for certain customers.
  • Customers may immediately access their ‘open to lease’ unused approval amount and open up to 4 additional leases.


To Apply:

  • Customer needs to be present in the store 
  • A valid copy of their identification 
  • Credit/Debit Card as secondary form of ID
  • Approximately a 670-credit store 
  • Be at least 18 years old

Open Accounts:

  • A valid copy of their identification 
  • A copy of the card if they have it, if not, a copy of a debit/credit card is needed

How it Works:

  • Customers are given a credit limit based off of their credit score
  • Months are determined based off the amount financed not the total amount of the invoice. 
  • The customer will not be billed for their items until after they take possession of their merchandise. 
  • The bill is received 30-45 days from delivery 
  • If the customer takes possession of their merchandise on separate dates, it will be billed separately. 
  • Two different payment plans
  • 0% APR if Paid in Full: Customer will receive a minimum payment based off their total and they have the allotted months to pay off without interest
  • Equal Payments: The total financed is divided by the total amount of months they have to pay off. 
  • Customers are required to put 10% down unless approved by a manager. 

Application Process:

  • The customer must fill out the application in its entirety
  • Verify information and process 

Approved Application:

  • Contracts can be written for up to the customer’s credit limit. Increases are available if the approved amount is not enough for the customer.
  • Processing Applications: Call Synchrony to process the application, more than likely they will have to speak with the customer. 
  • Denied Applications: Customer will receive a letter in 7-10 days explaining the reason for the credit decision

After the Application is Processed:

  • Regardless of the credit application decision we need to attach the application and ID/credit card to the credit decision and place it in the appropriate folder. 
  • Fill out the merchant information on the application 
  • Give Synchrony application packet to the customer

Processing Transactions: 

  • Need the customer’s account information and ID and credit card for EVERY transaction 
  • The number of financed months on the contract needs to match the information put into STORIS
  • The term is determined off the balance of the financing after the 10% is taken. 
  • Customer needs to sign the authorization paperwork 
  • Financing Packet 

For all customers:

  • Signed Authorization
  • Invoice
  • Delivery Expectations/Policy
  • Customers account number
  • Customers Application
  • ID and credit card information 
  • No Credit Needed. Lease-to-own Financing.
  • Easy apply via text, in store, or online.
  • Receive a decision in seconds, with approval amounts up to $5,000.
  • 100 Day Buyout Option
  • Early Buyout Discounts (EBO’s) for customers who pay off outside of the 100-day window